Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season


We live in Calgary where weather is so unpredictable.  It is not yet officially summer here but most days are already sunny and people are starting to enjoy the warm weather outside.  A week ago, we planned to have a BBQ get together with friends at a friend’s house and yesterday, everyone came with marinated beef, pork, and ribs for (guess what?) barbecuing.  So Saturday came and it was cloudy and sunny and cloudy and raining and sunny and hailing. What?! The guys finished barbecuing just before it started hailing and we all ate indoors.  So much for our early summer day’s dream.  It still turned out to be another fun get together as everyone decided to go for a night out after dinner, with yours truly as the designated driver. Summer will soon arrive and we will have all the time to enjoy our BBQ get together outdoors until the sun sets at around 10pm maybe.

I can’t help but think about what’s been going on in my life these past two years. I went back to school for a career change and recently passed my nursing registration exam, yay! It was tough and crazy and exciting and fun, all at the same time, and I hope to be out there soon making this world a much more better place. You could say the past two years have been my “off-season“. I love spring but I love summer more. It may not be summer yet, but it will come. My summer will soon come.

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