Family Fun Day Box


Yesterday, Danny and I found ourselves wearing 3D glasses and watching “Inside Out” with the kids in a movie theatre. We rarely watch movies in theatre because of the convenience of “On Demand” and lately, the kids have been complaining about us being boring. I came across this idea of “Family Fun Day” on the internet a few weeks ago and I thought it would be nice to try. Here’s how it works: everyone in the family gets a chance to write down their idea of fun on a piece of paper, roll it and toss it in a box, and every week or whenever we all feel like doing something together, we pick one and make it happen. Sounds fair, right? Also, whoever’s idea gets picked becomes the one in charge for the day. So yesterday, when “movie theatre” was picked, our eldest daughter’s eyes brightened up and no matter how much Danny and I tried to convince her to choose a movie that’s “appropriate” for everyone, you know what happened next.

I wonder what we will be doing next Saturday. Please let it be not running or hiking or biking – yes, these are all Danny’s fun ideas and he just reminded us that it is officially summer here today. Oh well, might as well enjoy the sun while we can! 😀

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