Getting Back Into Running

getting back into running

I used to run. Before fun runs and marathons became popular (and later, expensive) back in the Philippines, Danny and I and some friends would run along the Baywalk and around Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) before or after work.  Then, we started joining fun runs until we got hooked and started timing our run, working on increasing distance, and collecting singlets.  The longest distance I’ve run before we moved to Canada was 10k in roughly an hour.

So why did I stop running?  We were busy establishing our new life in Calgary. No one will look after the kids at home.  And oh, did I mention the temperature outside is -30 degrees?  These were my excuses to justify my laziness.  I did try to run outdoors during summer and spring time and I would hit the treadmill when it’s cold and snowing outside but then I went back to school and life got busy.

Early this year, I was not anymore feeling physically good about myself, inside and out.  Must be the age, I guess. 😀 I told myself I have to start taking extra care of my health and I would start by eating healthy and getting back into running.  My plan is to initially run 5k (5 days a week) and later work on improving my pace and distance.

First Week

I mapped out a 5k route from our home within our community, put on my old running clothes and shoes, and lathered-up with sunscreen.

Day 1: I ran continuously for 10 minutes and went short of breath. Seriously. 😀 I went home walking.  Day 2: I pushed myself to beat my PR 😀 and ran continuously for 15 minutes. On the third day, I decided to work on my endurance by running an extra 5 minutes every day, without minding my pace or distance, and still finish my 5k route whether by walking or crawling, and on the fifth day, I ran 4k continuously in 30 minutes.  Not bad.  I was feeling a lot better already.

Second Week

Day 1: I was not able to run as planned because we had to get ready for our week-long vacation in Fort Saskatchewan.  Day 2: Danny’s apartment at Fort Saskatchewan is right across a high school oval, lucky me, and picking up where I’ve left off last Friday, I ran 4k (10 rounds in the oval) continuously for 30 minutes.  Day 3: I pushed myself and ran an extra round in the oval.  Day 4 and 5, I ran 5k for 40 minutes. Goal Met.

Tomorrow starts my third week and my plan is to continue to run 5k, but this time, I will be working on increasing my pace. I would update my improvements on this blog from time to time.  If some of you are getting back into running or are planning to start running, there are lots of structured “training plans” on the internet that might help you, or you can always make your own running plan just like what I did because when starting out any exercise plan, it is important to always listen to what your own body is telling you (and consult your physician).  Good luck!

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