Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

Doors fascinate me so much because they evoke mixed feelings in me. Feelings of awe and wonder and sometimes, fear and apprehension. Whenever I see one in an unfamiliar place, it makes me stop and admire its glory, tattered or mighty. Then, my curiosity takes over and a lot of questions play in my mind. I love an open door for the obvious reason, it’s open. It welcomes you, it shows you everything, it draws you in. On the other hand, closed doors, or even those that are slightly ajar, mystify me and sometimes make me feel uneasy. Maybe it’s because of my fear of the UNKNOWN which is basically just my imagination. Oh, the door knocker, it gives me a funny feeling of excitement when I finally lift it and strike the door to alert whoever (or whatever) is on the other side to my presence. Then finally, it leaves me with either a feeling of uncertainty when I get no response or relief when the door finally opens.  Sometimes, when I look at people or face new situations, I see doors.  Knock, knock! 🙂

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