Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol


Okay, I like this week’s challenge because I put a lot of meanings to every thing I come across with in this life. So there’s this hill that sits in the middle of the biggest park in our neighborhood and I always just “pass by” it when I do my morning run because, well, it is just a hill. Danny once told me though that there are some benches up there because he sometimes runs up the hill and in my mind I thought “That’s it? Benches?”.

We have a dog that barks at everything (his name is Shifu) and I bring him in my early morning run because there’s not a lot of people or dogs in the streets yet and that means I would be able to complete my route without distractions. Last Tuesday, I woke up a little late and when we went out to run, I had to stop several times to steer Shifu away from other runners and dogs along our usual route until I found myself climbing the hill I was talking about earlier. It was early, the sun was not scorching hot yet, the morning breeze was perfect, there was not a single person on top of the hill, I saw the benches Danny told me about, and when I turned around, I saw this beautiful view of the entire community. It was breathtaking! I unleashed Shifu and I sat in one of the benches and I just basked in the moment!

That hill is a symbol of beautiful moments or opportunities in disguise and I may have completely missed the “view on top” if I didn’t take the time to care and climb it.

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