DIY Project: Dressing Area

I will start sharing some home projects that Danny and I will be working on, including some DIY projects, and hopefully you find them useful especially if you are into organizing/maximizing space and functionalism as these are the concepts that I am trying to incorporate in all the home projects I have in my mind.  For my first ever project, I present to you the kids’ dressing area :D. Okay, the idea is mine, well, not entirely because everything is on Pinterest now :D, but Danny did all the hard work :D. The girls have their own room now and are starting to like lip gloss and other girly stuff and so we installed a dressing table in each room so they wouldn’t hang around too much in their shared bathroom. Each room is about the same size (roughly 9×11 ft.) and we plan to put mini-versions of everything in it – dressing area, bed, study area, and a living space where they can do their crafts or read books or hang out with their visiting friends.  It may sound a little ambitious given the size of the room but with the right choice and placement of furniture, I think it is possible.  I will post a picture of the entire room once everything is finished, but for now, let me tell you what we did for this dressing area project.

For the dressing table, in order to save floor space, we chose instead to buy this shelf with drawers (EKBY ALEX from IKEA) and mounted it to the wall at a standard height of, I think, 30″. If you will notice, the brackets that hold the table were not centered or screwed evenly because the studs in our wall are all over the place and we want those brackets screwed on the studs for sturdiness.


If you like this particular shelf, you might want to take note that these drawers are small and if you are one of those who have lots of make-up and accessories, this shelf might not work for you or you can just buy storage bins or boxes for your other stuff and organize everything on top of the table.


The mirror.  Since we couldn’t find perfectly placed stud in the wall to mount the mirror over the center of the dressing table (although Danny was willing to conveniently screw it ANYWHERE?! :D), we had to screw in first a piece of wood in the available stud that later anchored the mirror and wall lamp in the center.


The girls wanted those bulbs on both sides (left and right) of the mirror but we think ten bulbs are just too much and so we’ve agreed to a compromise 😀 and put the light fixture above the mirror.  If you are interested in buying the same light fixture from IKEA (MUSIK), please note that it is actually a wall lamp and is thus wall-mount ready, meaning it doesn’t come with a power cord.  Danny had to strip the wires and connect them to a power extension cord and installed a switch, too, for convenience.  I will post a slideshow that shows every step we did in installing the mirror and the lights before the end of this post in case you’re interested in working on a similar project.


This divider (EKNE) is, you guessed it, from IKEA again :D. We bought this divider when the girls used to share the same bedroom to give Tallulah a little privacy because their bedroom door directly opens to the foot of her bed (click here for the photo).  We kept and used it this time to separate Tallulah’s dressing area from her bed (as you can see in the photo below) to make the dressing area look more ‘private’ as this is also the area where she changes her clothes.


Given the limited space that we have for this project, I am so glad that we were able to squeeze in the dressing table between the closet and her bed. The closet used to have those bifold doors but we replaced them with curtains to make the area look more cozy.

The girls are temporarily using the foot stool (which is a little too low for the girls’ height) that we used to have in the living room while we find something that would fit the dressing area, a bigger one or maybe something rectangular that they can easily push or slide under the table when not in use.


There you have it and as promised, below is a slideshow of how Danny installed the mirror and wall lamp to the wall. I tried to be as technical as possible in describing the procedures but feel free to laugh if they sounded like they are coming from someone who has no idea what positive and negative wires are or why is there even a need for wire color coding, LOL! Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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